Philly Run Fest

The Philly Run Fest took place on June 3, 2018 the run offered a half marathon, half marathon relay and a 5K. The cost for the half marathon is $70-$100 depending on when you register. This run was formally named ODDyssey Half Marathon.


Getting to the starting line was pretty easy. Mega Bus offered free shuttles from downtown Philadelphia but for those that drove themselves plenty of free street parking was available around the park. 

Bathroom lines at the starting line were too long, I arrived 20 minutes before the start, bib on shirt, ready to go and I missed the official start due to standing in line for the porta potty.  There is a staggered start for the half marathon and the 5K, therefore, half marathon runners were waiting in line for the porta potty with 5K runners. 

The course was entirely located inside Fairmont Park in Philadelphia. Runner beware there are lots of potholes inside Fairmont Park. The course had a lot of down hills, plenty of water stations, however, no Gu stations were offered on the course. The run did not offer much in terms of spectators. 

The after party included a free beer glass and 1 free beer in the beer garden. 


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