New Hope – D&L Trail

The D&L Trail runs through a variety of towns, including New Hope, PA. The trail is planned to span a total of 165 miles connecting Wilkes-Barre, PA to Philadelphia when complete.

When visiting New Hope there is a trailhead downtown which costs $4 for 12 hours of parking. This option is great if your trip includes utilizing both the trail and visiting the shops downtown. There are free parking areas available along the trail but they are not near the shops and restaurants downtown. This option is great if your plans mostly include utilizing the trail. 

Taking the trail southbound takes users into historic Washington’s Crossing. This is the site where George Washington crossed the Delaware River during the American Revolutionary War. This area is a historic park. 

Pros: Nice scenic trail, options to run in downtown areas, options to run in New Jersey or Pennsylvania, goes through historic areas

Cons: Downtown New Hope parking is not free, areas can be crowded