The South Bethlehem Greenway is an approximate 3 mile trail tucked away in South Bethlehem. The trail starts on S New St between E 3rd and E 4th St. The trail passes the Wind Creek Casino and Bethlehem Skate Park to end near Saucon Park. Free parking is available at the Bethlehem Skate Park.

The trail is only about half way paved with the other have being uneven rocks. This rocky surface makes for a rough running or cycling experience. Because the trail runs though South Bethlehem, it crosses streets and pedestrians would need to look and yield for traffic. This location also makes the trail largely accessible to businesses and pedestrians of all kinds. There are playgrounds, community gardens and farmers markets situated along the trail.

This trail is one of my favorites, its flat and paved surface makes for a scenic route for training runs.

PROS: Scenic, flat, convenient location for pedestrians

CONS: No restrooms, not fully paved