Beer Mile

Have you heard of a beer mile? 

Runners drink a beer, run a quarter mile. 

Drink a beer, run a quarter mile. 

Drink a beer, run a quarter mile. 

Drink a beer, run a quarter mile. 

At the end of a Beer Mile, runners will drink 4 total beers and run 1 mile. Official rules state the beer must be in 12 ounce cans or bottles and have an ABV of 5% or more. Runners must turn the beer cans or bottles upside down over their heads to show that it is empty before starting to run. 

In 2014, the Beer Mile had its first official world championship race. The current Beer Mile world record is held by Canadian Corey Bellemore with a time of 4:33 while consuming bottles of Flying Monkeys.

My friends hosted an unofficial beer mile in their backyard with an out and back quarter mile course on the road. Official beer miles are usually held on a quarter mile track, being as the event involves alcohol we opted to do it on private property. Five of us competed, I finished in 4th place. The hardest challenge with the Beer Mile is running with 48 ounces of liquid in your stomach. I started to feel tipsy after the 3rd beer and was officially under the influence when I crossed the finish line. (I had a DD for a ride home). The Beer Mile was one of the most fun experiences I have had. Would you try a Beer Mile?

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