Pilates Benefits

During recovery from a surgical procedure, I started doing Pilates to ease back into my fitness routine. Pilates is a low-impact form of exercises that strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and focus on the core. There are two choices when it comes to Pilates, a simple mat workout or a Reformer gym with equipment. I do not live near a Pilates gym with equipment and therefore all of my workouts are done on a mat. (1) 

John H. Pilates created the workouts to help World War I soldier’s restore strength. Often confused with yoga, Pilates focuses on core strength and is more active with a steady pace. (3) I personally like that Pilates is convenient to do with a simple mat. Pilates can be done either at home, in a gym or in a park.

Pilates offers many benefits to runners, including core strength, balance and breathing exercises. Pilates focuses on building a strong core and posture, two benefits that help with running form, pace setting and injury prevention. (2) 

Pilates can be a great low-cost option for cross training on a budget. There are free Pilates videos on YouTube and inexpensive mats can be found at Target, Walmart or TJ Maxx. Two of my go-to YouTube accounts for Pilates routines is Blogilates and Move with Nicole.

Do you think you would like Pilates? Would Pilates be beneficial to your training?

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