What is a Virtual Run?

With Stay-at-Home orders across the United States, races were forced to postpone or cancel. This has caused a spike in virtual runs, but some friends have asked me to explain what a virtual run is. 

A virtual run is a race that can be ran or walked in any location, to include a treadmill. After a runner has completed the distance, they go online to submit their distance and time. Some races have participates fill out an online form while others may have them submit a tracker (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, etc). During a virtual race, the finisher medal and any other swag, such as shirts, hats, or sunglasses are mailed to each participants home. 

While scheduled races have switched to virtual runs, other virtual races were created specifically for COVID. An increase in virtual races have spiked, the virtual races keep a sense of normalcy and help us move toward our race goals for 2021. I don’t think virtual races will replace the excitement of actual races.

What do you think? Have you tried a virtual race?

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