Flotation Therapy is Amazing

A Flotation pod is a Sensorial Deprivation Chamber filled with epsom salt or magnesium sulfate. The pod shuts out all noise, light and the salt creates a buoyancy that allows everyone to float without effort. The water temperature matches your body temperature so you feel as if you are floating on air. When you float in a flotation tank your body absorbs minerals and your magnesium and sulfate levels increase. This calms the nervous system and enhances our body’s healing process. The deep relaxation process reduces stress and lowers cortisol levels.  

I’ve explained in previous posts how going to college while working full time caused me a lot of stress and weight gain. I scheduled a 1 hour session in a flotation pod in an effort to detox from a few stressful career years. The Flotation pod was amazing and I really enjoyed it. It helped me to feel relaxed after a long week at work and it took away a slight soreness in my left shin from marathon training. I would 100% recommend a floatation therapy session to anyone who is interested in trying it. I felt great for days after my treatment. 

Would you ever try Flotation Therapy?

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