Stress and Cortisol

Now, I did not deep dive into peer review journals for this post, however, there are plenty out there on the interwebs. So I encourage you to do you own research to learn more on this topic. 

There are numerous effects of stress and cortisol on body. The body’s hormone balance may produce weight gain when stressed. Stress releases cortisol into the body. and surprises the thyroid. Specifically, the body will gain weight in abdomen region. “Over time, persistently high levels of cortisol seen in stress promote the storage of excess glucose as fat in the abdomen, causing belly fat” (Astorino) This over production of cortisol can effect both weight training and running. 

While under a period of stress our body starts to develop a natural fight-or-flight response to stressors. “When you’re stressed out, your body wants to defend itself, so it starts to retain body weight” (Miller)

Want my advice? Sometimes stress is a part of our life. You may be in a stressful job but maybe not in a financial position to change jobs.

To combat stress, practice resiliency. Look at your stress and know it is temporary, write out a timeline and start a countdown until the stress will end. When I was going through college and stressed about schoolwork, I would often remind myself that I am blessed to have college opportunity and financial means to attend school. In other words, I was blessed to have this stress. 

Another tip for handling stress is to keep physically active. There will be days when you’re too stressed to exercise. At the vary least, walk or use the elliptical just to keep moving. 

How do you deal with stress?

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