Sawyer Sunscreen Review

As a natural fair skinned, blonde hair, blue-eyed girl I burn very easily. I distinctly remember a vacation to Disney World that left me with 2nd degree sunburn. 

Sunscreen is extremely important to me. Without it, I would be very uncomfortable during the summer months with sunburn. Luckily, for me this was the first summer where I did not burn (knock on wood). I’ve tried my share of sunscreens. Some are heavy coated, some are messy but the worst is when they sting my eyes. 

Sawyer Sunscreen is a breathable, comfortable formula that offers protection and doesn’t sting my eyes. Sawyer offers a stay-put sunscreen that bonds to the skin to form a “breathable matrix”. Sawyer sunscreens allow your skin to breath and cool down your body temperature during physical activity.  Sawyer does not add avobenzone to their products. 

I highly recommend Sawyer Sunscreen. Click here to find out where to buy. Check out some of their other products as well. They offer water filtration, insect repellents and first aid solutions. 


  1. I typically abhor sunscreens of any kind, even though I know I have to use them (and do). How well does this rub in, and does it feel sticky at all afterward? I like the fact that Sawyer lets your skin breathe. I tend to sweat buckets in the summertime, so this sounds like a great option. Thanks for your review!


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