Running with Zwift

Disclaimer: I received a Zwift Pod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

What is Zwift? Zwift run is a shoe pod which attaches to shoe laces and tracks a runners pace and distance. The difference between Zwift and other tracking shoe pods is that Zwift also includes a downloadable app which offers a virtual reality running experience. Zwift offers the ability to do group runs and virtual events. Click here to see a list of upcoming events. 

Set up is easy, all you need is a bluetooth connection to pair the pod with your phone, tablet or computer. I was able to use my pod on the go at the gym pairing the pod with my phone. 

I have an extremely busy schedule, I commute 80 miles one way to work daily, I’m taking 3 college classes (9 credits) and I maintain this blog, I like that I can sign onto Zwift at anytime and join a group run. Zwift does not limit me to scheduling running times, it gave me freedom to train when I want and where I want. 

I’ve found the best way to use Zwift is with a tablet or laptop connected to WIFI, the screen on a smart phone may be a little too small to see all the features properly. I did not use all of Zwift’s features to my advantage, I mostly logged in and ran. Zwift helped me to stay motivated and entertained to run while battling the winter running blues.

Zwift Pod retails for $29.99, however, you can use code BibRave15 for 15% off. 

Overall, I enjoyed using Zwift. I really appreciate the freedom Zwift gives me to run on MY terms and schedule. I would recommend Zwift to other busy career girls who enjoy working out on a treadmill.

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