LBI 18 Miler

The LBI 18 Mile Run takes place on the first weekend of October on Long Beach Island, NJ. This is perfect timing for tri-state area runners who are prepping for late October or early November marathons. Marine Corps Marathon, NYC Marathon and Philadelphia Marathon are popular within the Philadelphia, NYC and New Jersey area. 

The LBI 18 Miler course is a point to point race starting at the BEAUTIFUL south end of Holgate and ending at the north end of Barnegat Light. Participants are directed to park their vehicles near the middle of the island at St. Francis Community Center and take shuttle buses to the start line. The late starting time and the early shuttle buses are perfect for runners who want to gain a few training miles before the start of the race. 

The course is flat and fast. Gear drop is available at the starting line and shuttle buses are available at the finish line to get runners back to their vehicles. There were plenty of aid stations along the course, even a few “unofficial” spectator water stations. At the half way mark the water stations switched to Gatorade. No gel stations were available during the race. 

The race ended at Old Barney, which is a nickname for the historic Barnegat Lighthouse. There was not much of a race “party”, though it was a great place for family and friends to meet up after the race. Overall, the race was well organized and easy to navigate. Packet pick up was offered the day before and plenty of race day parking. The shuttle buses were convenient and easy to use. 

Pros: Easy to park, easy to use shuttle buses, 

Cons: No gel stations

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