Today for the first time in over 5 years I ran on a treadmill. I HATE treadmills. Today’s weather caused freezing rain and slick roads. Since I’m still healing from my broken arm, I decided to stay in doors rather than chance another slip and fall.


I’m impressed by this new feature in treadmills to show a real-time running experience. I choose to run the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve never been to San Francisco so I can’t compare this virtual experience to the real thing, but it was still pretty cool.

Are you a fan of the treadmill?


3 thoughts on “DREADmill

  1. Not a big fan, but being able to run courses on them these days definitely helps. Netflix is also part of my treadmill regimen when I have to run on it. 🙂


    1. They had news and Judge Judy on, but I still get bored after 20-25 minutes. It’s not as stimulating as running outdoors.

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      1. Totally agree. The terrain never changes either! 🙂


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