Broke My Arm Running

On Monday, I went out for a normal 6 mile run around a local lake. The trails were snow covered but they didn’t cause too much of a problem. It wasn’t until I hit ice on blacktop that I fell HARD.


I hit my knee and teeth on concrete and I put my arm out in front of me to brace my fall. My face was bloody, my pants ripped, my knees were bloody and my arm was IN PAIN. I laid on the ground for few minutes screaming in pain.

I picked myself up and walked to my car then drove myself to the closest ER. I had x-rays done and I was diagnosed with a fractured left radial neck. The ER nurses placed me in a temporary cast and sent me home.


On Friday, I had my approved referral and follow-up with an orthopedics. The physician decided to keep me out of a cast to encourage range of motion in my elbow and shoulder. I wear a sling for support and I have a follow up in March to check on my healing progress.

What’s your biggest running injury? Do you run in snow and ice?



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