Athleta Tights Review

A few years ago, I moved from sunny San Antonio, Texas to State College, Pennsylvania.. Since this move I have struggled to actively run in cold temperatures. I tried wearing sweat pants but the baggy fit of sweat pants becomes annoying after 3 miles. I tried tights under sweat pants to keep the chafing away, but it’s very heavy and hard to move.


I bit the bullet and purchased Polartec Sculptek tights from Athleta for $118. This price tag is intimidating but I figured I’ll try out a pair to see if it’s worth the price.

I did a practice run in rainy weather that was still above freezing. My first impression is that these pants feel like a hug of clouds. Amazingly comfortable, moveable and warm yet breathable.

I’ve been wearing the Athleta pants for a few months and overall I’m very neutral about the pants. These pants serve their purpose and keep me warm and running in cold temps. They tend to become baggy in the crotch area which is annoying and irritating. They also don’t cover my ankles which feels like an oxymoron for a cold weather pant and has led to me needing longer socks. (It fits the models this way, too)


I’m going to purchase a few inexpensive pairs to compare to the Athleta pants. I have an eye on this pair from Target.

If anyone has any suggestions for cold weather running clothing, please let me know.

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