Iron Yoga Review

The recent cold temperature makes me want to stay inside. Something about 10° weather with a wind chill does not motivate me to go outside. On one particular run I set out to finish 4 miles, but by mile 3 my phone  (music) stopped working from the cold.

To compensate for running I’ve turned to yoga. Yoga is an inexpensive way to maintain fitness. Yoga requires minimal equipment, yoga mats can be purchased at Walmart, or a towel can be used.


Purchasing a gym membership is no longer needed, yoga instructional videos are readily available on YouTube. Yoga with Adrienne is good resource for beginners but I wanted more of a challenge and workout.

The first few videos I found incorporating yoga with weights (iron yoga) kicked my butt! The first video I tried, I could not finish the 30 minute workout. Iron Yoga was developed by an Ironman Triathlete, I think that’s why I enjoy the workouts. The videos from Sean Vigue Fitness on YouTube are a great resource. They are very challenging and entertaining.

What workouts do you do to get through winter?

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