Headphones Dilemma

I’m the type of person who buys an item and uses it until it breaks. The same goes for running headphones. I recently found myself with only 1 pair of headphones left, the basic white set that comes standard with any Apple Product. Since I like to keep one pair strictly for non-running use, it was time I purchased another pair. I decided to try wireless headphones this time.

At 5.76 ounces, the Bronzeman pair I purchased from Amazon were TOO HEAVY. The side with the controls kept falling out of my ear.


I went back to Amazon to find these iClever headphones which weigh 13 grams. These headphones fit and feel like a dream. On my first 4 mile run with them I could barely tell I had them on. I HIGHLY recommend these for an inexpensive pair.


If you run with headphones, which ones do you prefer? How did you decide on which ones to choose?

Click on image to purchase iClever

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