Winter Running Blues

The sun set at 4:36pm today, 4:36! Sunrise was not particularly any better, 7:15am. With only 9 hours of sunlight, it’s hard to stay motivated to run.


My most important concern with winter running is safety and visibility. I always opt to wear a reflector belt. Lamps and lighted vests are also an option for runners.


The cold is another speed bump in motivation. The key to cold running is to dress properly. I like to wear thick tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, a warm fleece, heavy gloves, tall socks and a hat.


I wish I had a solution to end the cold weather blues, but I don’t. So to all the runners out there braving the winter with me, you rock!



  1. I will still always run in the winter-the motivation and the desire to run never goes away. But the cold is brutal!! I think i might be heading inside more often this winter!! Good luck with those blues!


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