Running Late?

It happens, the morning of a race and life gets in the way. This could happen with unforeseen circumstances due to getting lost on the drive, or in my recent case, car trouble.

I registered for the Apple a Day 5K and the morning of the run, I had a dead battery. When you’re running 10-15 minutes late for a run, what do you do?

Well, look at the choices. You could forfeit the race, experience and money or you could show up late. But how do you show up late? Well, here are some etiquette guidelines to showing up late.

  1. When you arrive, ask someone in charge if they mind if you run the course alone.
  2. Make sure you’re preregistered, don’t try to show up late to a run that you have not paid for.
  3. Don’t expect to be considered for an award. You showed up late, no matter your pace, please don’t expect the race directors to rearrange finishers to accommodate your tardiness.
  4. Understand that you may not have access to water stops or course officials giving directions along the way. Plan accordingly if the race is a distance you will require water to complete.
  5. Finally, use this as a training run and enjoy. 

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